Dropbox and Google Drive links

To make Dropbox and Google Drive more user friendly for Harcourts staff I have created a Dropbox Link, this also works with Google Drive if you have a Gmail account. This enables the public access to agents shared property files on Dropbox. Agents don't need to remember any links or need to repeatedly email large documents to clients again.

How it Works

Agents, direct clients to and follow their Dropbox link to the property they are interested in. Clients don't need to download Dropbox, or have a Dropbox or Google Drive account, they just use the Web, no passwords are required for read access. This works with Smartphones, iPads/Tablets and PC's.

To set up, you can use either Dropbox or a Google drive account ...

For Dropbox Users

You need to open an existing Dropbox account or create a new one. (Visit While you're there, download the Dropbox app so you can access the account easily from your computer or phone.

1. On the Dropbox website (not in the app), click on My Files (on the left) and New Folder (on the right).

2. Name this folder Property Documents.

3. Select this folder and slick the Share button ...

4. This will open a link overlay ...

5. Click the Can edit button and choose Can view instead ...

6. The link overlay will now look like this ...

Click on Copy link to copy the link to your clipboard. Paste this into an email and send it to me. (If you have trouble getting the link, email your Dropbox account password and I can set it up for you.)

In the “Property Documents” -- either on the web or on your computer -- create a new folder for each property and place the relevant documents, (LIM's, Plans, Titles, etc.), in it.

Note that clients can only view and download documents in your shared folder.

For Google Drive Users

Go into Drive (see top bar when in Gmail) and create a folder called “Property Documents”, right click on the folder and go to Sharing, change from "Private" to "anyone with the link" and get the shared link, also check that users can only view files, ie not edit. Then email that folders shared link to me. If you have trouble getting the link, just let me know and I will sort it out.

Within “Property Documents” create a folder for each property, and place documents (LIM's, Plans, Titles) etc within that folder.

Clients can only view and download documents in your shared folder.

As with Dropbox there is Google Drive app that gives you a folder of you Google Drive on your PC.

Send link to me :